What Does It Cost



Annual Membership
The cost for the year, starting 1st January (pro-rata if you join part way through a year), is currently £34 and includes the annual membership of the AWGB. There is an additional charge of £2 per meeting (when there is a demonstration), paid on the night.

Junior Membership
Junior membership, under 21, for the club and the AWGB is free.

Visitor Fee
You can attend our club night meeting for free for the first time. After which you can attend for a further three meetings for a fee of £3 per visit. If you decide to become a member, which we hope you will, the payments made will be offset against annual membership.

Club events, such as the annual all day demo, are announced at club meetings and in our monthly newsletter.

  • Please note: costs may vary 
    depending upon changes 
    forced upon the club outside our control. 
    Please check current costs at a meeting 
    or via our contacts page to the treasurer

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